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Tips For Protecting Your Metal Roof

Protecting Your Metal Roof

Because of the wave metal roofing panels are installed they are extremely resistant to wind damage and leaks.  They’re extremely durable and have the longest lifespan of roofs.  Become in a wide range of colors patterns and designs and can be energy efficient because of their respective qualities.  They can be a bit costly depending on what you want, but then again, it is the best so why not splurge a little.

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So now you have the metal roof, how to you take care of it?  Even though it requires little maintenance it is important to keep an eye out to elongate the lifespan and also maintain the good state of your roof and keep it in tip top shape. Here are our suggestions for protecting your metal roof:


Check for Rust

You can always take a look the check if they are any loose screws flaking or rust developing.


The National Roofers Association recommend that you get your roof inspected at least once or twice per year. Although you can always take a look yourself you will not be able to identify all the areas that may need repair. You should always get a professional to inspect your roof as they’ll provide you with a detailed report regarding your life expectancy and any potential issues that may need repair.

Hurricane Straps

If you are in an area that is prone to storms or intense weather systems such as hurricanes, you may want to look into requiring hurricane straps. They’re also known as roof tie-downs. What this is is galvanizing that’s all being used to protect the roof and to prevent it from tearing off or falling apart.

Add Reinforcements

You may also want to add reinforcements to your roof that can protect against the wind related damage. These include overlapping strong materials any rules or even adding heavier metal panels for an added strength.

Trim Trees

Trim any trees that’s may be overlapping on your roof.  In serious weather conditions falling tree parts can be dangerous as they can damage your roof and let water seep inside or worse, cause harm to your family.

Look Out For Signs

Our last recommendation as to be weary of any interior problems. If something is wrong with your roof, most of the time it’s is found by spots and stains, peeling paint or damp areas or leaks that have already occurred. This is why you should be on the lookout to try and catch any issues with your roof before it escalates into a bigger problem.


If you follow these guidelines, we assure you that you will be able to protect your roof, avoid any unnecessary repairs and ensure the long lifespan off your metal roof.